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The EU -- September incandescent light bulb incandescent lamp will retire from the stage of history

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From this year on September 1, within the scope of the European Union -- incandescent bulb. Incandescent lamp luminous efficiency of only 5%, and the rest 95% are all quantity of heat to use up, incandescent bulb was eliminated inevitable. Now lighting market, energy saving and efficient LED (light emitting diode) lamps and lanterns is undoubtedly a perfect choice.

The lamps and lanterns of numerous products, for a long time, when is the highest test scores from the LED lamp. It environmental protection energy conservation, long service life, just open lamp luminous efficiency when big. Compared with the old light bulb before, can save up to 90% of the electric power. At present although the price point of view, may have also slightly on the high side, but LED lamp life than incandescent lamp to 25 times as long. In Germany, LED lights and energy-saving lamp is the highest ratio of the two kinds of lighting tool.

In mobile phones, cars and TV industry occupies a place success, LED industry currently planning a lighting market. Compared with other lamps and lanterns, LED lamp more efficient, the price also will cut. A year on average by 30% or so. According to McKinsey''s investigation and analysis, and now the price of 20 euro LED lamp, in 2020, less than three euros can be bought.

Due to the price cut, experts predict, the high-tech bulb in next year will be large-scale production. Japan because experienced nuclear disaster, to save energy has become the national sport, LED use has become so common.

At present the largest or choice of full of beautiful things in eyes compact fluorescent lamp, commonly known as energy saving lamp. Energy saving lamp energy consumption only a little more than LED lights, but in open the switch after, often happen open lamp time delay phenomenon, in addition it can compare with the brightness of the incandescent lamp or LED lamp. And the biggest weakness is energy-saving lamps containing mercury. Expert proposal, if broke a room energy-saving lamps, to the room ventilation 30 minutes and leave the room, then will fragment with wet cloth or tape are collected, and put it as a special garbage disposal. The experts also suggest that if the room is covered with a carpet, use cleaner clean up debris after, also should throw away garbage bag.

Since 2009, the eu began to disable the low efficiency of the incandescent light bulb. First banned the sale of 100 watts of incandescent lamp, and then banned the use of 60 tile and 40 tile light bulb, 25 tile for the incandescent light bulb will also be eliminated. The eu ban on the European Union to save 1% within the scope of the power consumption.

Coal-fired power plant in the power generation process will release a large amount of mercury vapor, is the world''s mercury vapor main emission source. Therefore, eliminated incandescent lamp, reduce the use of electricity, but also reduces the pollution of environment.

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