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The incandescent the delisting LED bulb brand contend with the emergence of the Chinese market.

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Time will soon enter October, increasingly stepping up the pace of incandescent bulbs out of the market, LED manufacturers have introduced LED series bulb is a manifestation of this effect. Throughout the development of the LED industry in recent years, especially LED lighting part, not only thanks to the implementation of the policies of the governments of the world, also the escalation of domestic and foreign manufacturers have introduced new lighting, LED lamps to replace incandescent become a necessity trend.

Governments have come -- incandescent lamp plan

Put forward the selection incandescent lamp is LED industry development more mature of the European Union. It was promulgated in December 2008 regulations, from September 1, 2009 to December 31, 2012, will be divided into five stages were eliminated 100 w, 75 w and w, 40 w and 25 w incandescent lamp; For Germany and Argentina, also separately since 2011 banned the sale of more than 40 w incandescent light bulb and 25 w above ordinary incandescent bulb, instead the compact fluorescent lamp and LED energy-saving lamps, etc.

In Asia, Japan to cope with the power supply strain problems, have to in June and in advance who Retired & throughout Incandescent bulb time, to vigorously promote LED bulb. The south Korean government also plans to begin from 2014 ban on the production and sales of incandescent lamp.

In the countries all over the world launched banned incandescent lamp sell plan at the same time, the Chinese government also in on November 4, 2011 held a news conference to phase out incandescent lamp map, and issued the about gradually banned imports and sales of general lighting incandescent light bulb announcement ", decided to from October 1, 2012 on, according to the power size grading gradually banned imports and sales of general lighting incandescent lamp.

According to the announcement, "China phasing out incandescent lamp map is divided into five stages: on November 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012 for transition; As of October 1, 2012 banned imports and sales of 100 w and above general lighting incandescent lamp; As of October 1, 2014 banned imports and sales of 60 w and above general lighting incandescent lamp; On October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016 middle for evaluation period; As of October 1, 2016 banned imports and sales of 15 w and above general lighting incandescent lamp, or apparent mid-term assessment results were adjusted.

International companies launched replace incandescent light bulb LED bulb new product

Comply with all countries in the world to the trend of the LED light bulb, the domestic and foreign LED giant tight grasp the business opportunities, have introduced the number of different tile to replace type LED bulb.

The international leaders osram Sylvania and GE launch alternative 100 w incandescent light bulb LED bulb; Families sharp launched 170 lm/W prototype LED bulb, the luminous flux more than 1250 lm, and power consumption was only 7.3 W, but also set a new record industry; Philips is for civil market, roll out and who Blazing star & throughout (myVision) and & who Follow & throughout (myAm - biance) series LED bulb, among them and who Blazing star & throughout Series of 6 w and 9.5 wLED bulb, respectively is equivalent to the traditional 40 w and w incandescent bulb.

And in mainland China market, every enterprise launched LED ball bubble lamp is in the quality and the price aspect a breakthrough: true bright and beautiful has launched a $1 3 wled ball bubble lamp to replace currently on the market 25 w incandescent bulb; Cypress lion photoelectric & who Milan amorous feelings and throughout Series of LED ball bubble lamp, it can replace the traditional 25 w and w and w and w incandescent lamp, its life reach 40000 h hours.

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